Intelligent mobility


The Swiss transport system is efficient, reliable and safe. But demand is constantly increasing and the system is reaching the limits of its capacity. It is very difficult to gain acceptance for major expansion projects in densely populated areas, so in the future it will be essential to make better use of the existing capacities. The present-day transport system is characterised by low car occupancy rates and lengthy parking periods, congested roads and overcrowded trains during peak periods, and the often emotional behaviour of road users. This situation is preventing the optimal utilisation of the available capacities.

Increasing digitalisation in the mobility sector is opening up potentials for offsetting these efficiency deficits. The potentials include increasing the vehicle occupancy rate, preventing or shortening unnecessary journeys and bringing about the more efficient use of the transport infrastructure. Furthermore, fully-automated mobility can lead to a significant enhancement of road safety in that it would eliminate accidents attributable to emotions and human error.

Information on pilot projects

Summary of the research project: Transport of the future 2060

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