The ASTRA Bridge: A motorway construction pilot project


The ASTRA Bridge is a mobile auxiliary bridge suitable for use during road works. While roadworks are being carried out under the bridge, traffic can be re-routed over it.

The ASTRA Bridge can therefore reduce congestion due to the fact that there is generally no need to close lanes or reduce lane widths or speeds on the opposite carriageway. In addition, the length of the roadworks site can be kept shorter.

Despite these benefits, the use of the ASTRA Bridge also brings with it some challenges. These include the assembly and dismantling of the bridge on the carriageway and the space required to store the bridge parts. In addition, the bridge may only be used on certain motorway sections.

The ASTRA Bridge is currently being tested in a roadworks pilot project on the A1 between Recherswil and Luterbach.

Photo gallery

Assembly on the road