Jürg Röthlisberger, director

Jürg Röthlisberger, Direktor Bundesamt für Strassen
Jürg Röthlisberger

Jürg Röthlisberger has been Director of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) since 2015. He completed his vocational training in the building industry and went on to obtain a civil engineering degree at the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. Following his comprehensive education as a civil engineer, he worked in the industrial construction and civil engineering industry. He subsequently joined a civil engineering company specialising in maintenance management, where he was a member of the management board. His main duty here was to support the systematisation of the maintenance planning of public infrastructure. 

Jürg Röthlisberger joined FEDRO at the end of 1997. He was area manager for Eastern Switzerland until 2004, when he was appointed Vice Director of the Infrastructure Division. He played a key role in the adoption from the cantons of real estate acquisition and operational responsibility for the motorways and national roads, as well as in the associated restructuring of FEDRO and its management of the motorway/national roads network. In 2012 the Federal Council appointed him Deputy Director of FEDRO. 

Jürg Röthlisberger is a member of the board of the Federal Procurement Conference. He was elected chairman of the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) for 2020. Under his leadership, in the course of the year the CEDR focused on current issues relating to road safety, the maintenance and operation of road infrastructure, the protection of the environment, innovation and digitisation, and the harmonisation of standards. As an organisation that focuses on Europe, the CEDR is thus making a valuable contribution towards the improvement of the road transport systems as an integral part of a sustainable system in the various countries of Europe. The CEDR was established in 2003 and functions as a platform for the European road construction and road traffic authorities for the exchange of know-how and information.

Jürg Röthlisberger is married and is the father of two adult children.

His view of the role of Switzerland’s motorways and national roads: “Efficient, safe and reliable motorways and national roads are essential both for our society and for our economy. As the official representative of the owner of the network, we do everything in our power to satisfy the needs of our clients and improve the duration of travel times on the motorways and national roads. We do this by implementing appropriate measures to maintain the ageing infrastructure, by permitting the temporary use of emergency lanes and eliminating bottlenecks, and by carrying out efficient and effective traffic management.”

His view of future mobility: “Mobility will undergo a transformation in the next few years. The road network accounts for around 84 percent of passenger transport in Switzerland, including human-powered mobility and public road transport services. Our objectives are to continue to improve the compatibility, safety and availability of road mobility, create the necessary framework conditions for the use of new technologies and make the motorways and national roads fit to face the forthcoming challenges.”

About FEDRO: “We are Switzerland’s leading competence centre for road transport and are the official representatives of the owner of the motorway/national roads network. We focus on people, vehicles, infrastructure, data and financing, and on the interactions of these factors.”

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