FEDRO's duties

FEDRO - Main building

The Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) was established in 1998 as Switzerland's federal authority responsible for road infrastructure and private road transport.

It belongs to the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), and focuses on securing sustainable and safe mobility on the country's roads.

Its principal objective is to secure the functionality of Switzerland's motorways and main roads, and to accomplish this it has defined the following priorities:

  • To secure integration into the trans-European road network
  • To review the existing network structure and adapt it where necessary
  • To complete the motorway network as planned
  • To support the expansion of the main roads network
  • To constantly evaluate weak points in the existing motorway network
  • To secure the availability of the motorway and main road networksTo define the basis for efficient traffic managementTo maintain the functional capacity of the motorway network
  • To secure the necessary degree of operational maintenance
  • To secure the punctual implementation of suitable measures to preserve thesubstance and value of the country's motorways and main roads
  • To reduce the burden on the environment attributable to road transport
  • To enhance road safety
  • To guarantee safe and secure access for road users and vehicles
  • To ensure that Switzerland's road traffic legislation is kept up to date
  • To define a consistent road safety policy
  • Management of the road traffic database for the whole of Switzerland
  • Development and implementation of construction projects in accordance with the principle of sustainability

The Swiss Federal Roads Office works closely together with cantonal, national and international partners, and formulates principles and prepares decisions for a sustainable federal road transport policy. It also draws up, supports, coordinates and monitors  suitablemeasures at the national and international levels.