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Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)

Fatal coach crash in the “Sierre” tunnel on 13 March 2012
The coach was travelling westwards on the A9 motorway from Siders in the direction of Sitten, and crashed in the “Sierre” tunnel. For reasons that have yet to be clarified, the coach initially struck the tunnel wall and then crashed head on into a service bay. It was taking schoolchildren back to Belgium after a skiing holiday in Valais.
Roads and traffic 2016 - Developments, facts, figures
Roads and traffic 2016 - Developments, facts, figures. Annual publication of the Federal Roads Office.
National roads
Status of construction work, Traffic flow, Traffic jams, Major maintenance work.
Via Sicura
With the action programme Via sicura, the FEDRO wants to cut drastically the number of road traffic fatalities and serious injuries.
Volume of transalpine goods vehicles
A total of 1,218,795 heavy goods vehicles crossed the Alps in 2012 or 3.2 percent less than in the previous year. Since 2003, this figure has consistently been around 1.25 million. The 2012 figure of just over 1.2 million represents a reduction by exactly 39,699 HGVs, or 3.2 percent, versus 2011.

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